Robert Gerow (Performer/Devisor)

Robert Gerow is currently attending the National Theatre School. You might have seen him briefly here or there on your tv set, speaking in alien tongues or running into traffic. He's excited to explore, experiment and learn with Ring O' Rosie Theatre.

Benjamin Singbeil (Set Design)

Benjamin Singbeil's set work focuses on the mechanism of objects coming together. Singbeil engineers sets to bring function and movement to the forefront, highlighting not the appeal of things alone, but the intrigue of things in use. In the past, his sets have been designed for actor interaction, allowing the movement of fundamental pieces - a ceiling, a wall - to become a key element of the play itself.  A background in carpentry and furniture making informs much of his design work, pairing an eye for detail with an underlying appreciation for practicality in the actual building and utilizing of each set component. Highlights of his nine years of design and build experience include six years of custom kitchen and solid wood furniture builds with EcoInhabit, the renovation of the Georgian Shores United Church in Owen Sound, new home construction with Third Line Homes and the Terrace Wood development, and most recently, set construction for Deep Six, the upcoming sci-fi web series.

Will Pearson (Arts Admin & Communications)

Will Pearson is a writer, radio-maker, and consultant based in Peterborough, ON. He has a passion for the arts, and is pleased to provide Ring O' Rosie with administrative and communications support. You can find out about his own projects at