Miranda Jones

Performer and devisor

Miranda is a theatre-maker based in Montreal. She spent five years in Halifax studying theatre at University of King's College and her final year apprenticing with Zuppa Theatre Co. While in Halifax, she also worked as a director, devisor and performer with the King's Theatrical Society and a number of ad-hoc collectives. She has continued her training with Theatre Complicite, Fujiwara Inventions, Studio 303, Magnetic North, AFCOOP, and more. Other performing credits include: The Archive of Missing Things (Zuppa Theatre/EFT Stages Festival), Short and Sweet (Zuppa Theater / Kinetic Studio), ARDEN (Villain's Theatre), OIKOS: A Performative Festivity (Ad-Hoc Collective), 1, 2, 3, Woyzeck! (Ring O' Rosie), Dying to be Sick (Pleiades Theatre / Theatre Centre / Brendan Healy).

Lillian Ross-Millard

Performer & Devisor

Lillian is a Toronto-based creator and filmmaker with a background in devised physical theatre. A graduate from University of King's College with a combined honours in Contemporary Studies and Theatre Studies, she continued her theatre education as an apprentice with the Halifax-based Zuppa Theatre Co. Throughout university, she was the co-artistic director of interdisciplinary group Wheelwright Theatre, and worked as a creator and co-creator within the company. In 2015, Lillian and co-creator Anne White devised a new work called 1, 2, 3, Woyzeck! adapted from Georg Bückner's unfinished work, Woyzeck. Most recently Lillian completed a physically devised experimental film entitled Heart & Soul, S12, E10 which was showcased at film festivals in Mexico, the United States, and Canada. Lillian also recently worked as a performer and devisor in Halifax with Zuppa Theatre member, Alex McLean, on a new work entitled A Speed Read of the Triangle Shirtwaist Trial Transcript.  

Anne White

Director & devisor

Anne is a theatre-maker based out of Toronto and Peterborough. She pursued Theatre Studies and History at Dalhousie where she studied and practiced theatre in both academic and studio settings. In her final year, she was assistant director to Mitchell Cushman for Dalhousie's Fountain School of Performing Arts' production of Lion in the Streets. In Halifax she also studied with Zuppa Theatre Co., participating in their theatre-devising workshop, The Missing Theatre. She then applied this training in the co-creation and direction of an adaptation of Georg Büchner's Woyzeck called 1, 2, 3, Woyzeck! in spring of 2015. In Toronto she recently took on the position of script coordinator for Fabrizio Filippo's The Summoned, under the direction of Richard Rose. In the Summer of 2016, with the support of Arts Nova Scotia, she co-devised and workshopped material in residency at the Great Island Arts Cooperative.