1, 2, 3, Woyzeck!

performed march 21-24, 2015, fort massey united church, halifax

1,2,3, Woyzeck! is Ring O’ Rosie’s reimagining of Georg Büchner’s unfinished play, Woyzeck. An intimate ensemble cast, Canadian folk songs, fake trees, and a very cold church attic gave a new spin on this tortured classic.

1, 2, 3, woyzeck!

Written and devised by Lillian Ross-Millard
Directed and devised by Anne White
Stage Management by Haritha Popuri
Produced by Laura Gallagher-Doucette
Designed by Ben Singbeil
Music arranged by John Millard
Performed by Lucy Campbell, Tom Lute, John Last, Miranda Jones, Daniel Bergman, Nicola Nicol, Hannah Kaya, Josh Wilson, Anna Stewart